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Amanda Gore
Motivation, Communication, Change, Relationships, Workshop Facilitators
Malcolm McLeod
CSR, After Dinner Speakers, Motivation, Team, Outdoor Activities
Lauren Burns
Performance engagement, Motivation, Inspiration, Health
Amanda Stevens
Marketing to the Majority, "who really controls the purse strings?"
Kurek Ashley
Sales/customer Service, Team, Motivation, Empathy
Lincoln Amidy
MC, Performance engagement, Motivation, Team, Outdoor Activities, Work Life, CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
Martha Lourey-Bird
Exercise Science, Health & Wellness, Fitness Facilitation, Healthy Lifestyle
Darryl Lovegrove
Inspiration, Innovation, Creativity
Shannon McNeill
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Registered Nurse, Workplace Wellness
Stephen Holden
Innovation / Creativity, Future, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service
Zara & Troy
MC, Communication
John Eales
Performance engagement, Inspiration, Team, Leadership, Composure Under Pressure
Scott Williams
MC, A life of Laughter, BUSINESS Fun!damentals, Entertainers
Ian Hutchinson
Leadership, Innovation / Creativity, Communication, Relationships, Work Life, Health, Workshop Facilitators
Ross Dawson
Social Media, Future, Age of Things
Allan Pease
Motivation, Communication, Relationships, Sales/Customer service, Body Language
Chris Walker
Inspiration, Leadership, Communication, Work Life, Change
Darryl Blake
Performance engagement, Innovation / Creativity, Communication, Change, Relationships, Business Growth, Sales/Customer Service, Workshop Facilitators
Steve Simpson
Change, Culture, Employee Engagement
Laurie Lawrence
Sales/Customer Service, Team, Motivation
Martin Hall
Performance engagement, Motivation, Health
Matt Church
MC, Leadership, Future, Relationships, Health, Workshop Facilitators
Terry Hawkins
Motivation, Communication, Change, Workshop Facilitators
Rob Redenbach
After Dinner Speakers, Inspiration, Communication, Change, Workshop Facilitators, Performance engagement
Lew Schneider
Winning teams, The power of full engagement
Glenn Capelli
MC, Performance engagement, Leadership, Innovation / Creativity, Communication, Work Life, Workshop Facilitators
Peter Baines
Corporate Social Responsibility, Performance engagement, Inspiration, Leadership, Relationships, Workshop Facilitators
Keith Abraham
Performance Engagement, Motivation, Communication, Marketing, Work Life, Health, Sales/Customer Service
Team Building
Build “1 team” | Break down workplace silos | Align your group with the company vision.
Nic Feteris
Performance engagement, Motivation, Inspiration
Anh Do
After Dinner Speakers, Inspiration, Comedian, Entertainers, Business Growth
Ian Schubach
Teambuilding, Leadership, Change Management
Andrew Horabin
MC, Leadership, Communication, Comedian, Entertainers, Business Growth, Workshop Facilitators, Relationships
Yvonne Adele
MC, Keynote Speaker, Social Media Specialist
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