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Zara & Troy

Troy & Zara are speakers, authors and entertainers who create transformational results for their clients, with a range of communication and engagement programs that empower individuals to become more confident and compelling storytellers.

They are in high demand as speaker and performance coaches and work with some of the top speakers and executives nationally and internationally to help them craft and deliver outstanding keynote addresses that are powerfully impactful for their audiences.

No strangers to the stage themselves, Zara has delivered two popular TEDx talks and together they host TEDxMelbourne.

The dynamic duo have interviewed more than 10,000 people on the topics of success and happiness and they have been up close and personal with big names like: Chris Rock, Destiny’s Child, Heath Ledger, Toby Maguire, The Black Eyed Peas and many more.

For the past 10-years Troy & Zara have been sharing the message that “good humour is good business” and they are on an quest to bring the long-lost art of good humour back to the corporate world.

For Troy & Zara it all began whilst they were working in their dream job, as hosts of a popular radio show and their job was to speak to millions of people a week sharing compelling stories to spark the imagination of their listeners. Within a short time, they became the number one show in their demographic, outperforming their competitors in all categories and they were also earning a lot of money, however … they were miserable.

The culture they were working in was somewhat toxic, there was an immense amount of volatility in the industry. Their mission became clear - to provide programs that help people to become happier in their work and in lives. That’s where their journey into the wonderful world of good humour began.

Speaker Topics

The Happier Hour
Happier People – Happier Customers – Happier World
The Happier Hour is an immensely entertaining experience, delivered by two extraordinary facilitators who share tangible tools that will help your people to thrive in their work and lives!

  • The smartest and most lucrative organisations globally, recognise that to be effective and prosperous in today’s rapidly changing world… a radically different approach is required.
  • Neuroscience is now proving that happier people are more confident, more collaborative, more innovative, more interesting and more capable of turning any setback into an opportunity for growth.
  • This fresh perspective on success empowers your team with some simple techniques that will improve the quality of their work and lives and will inspire them to become;
  • Confident & Authentic Communicators
  • Interesting & Compelling Storytellers
  • Creative & Insightful Collaborators
  • Playful & Happier Humans

Creating Great Cultures
How To Be a Best Place to Work (and do business!)

Communicating for Impact
A Masterclass in (strategic!) Storytelling

The Customer Service Revolution
How to Connect and Build Rapid Rapport

Good Humour is Good Business
The Secret to Richer Relationships

Stand Up For Yourself
Becoming a Brilliant Speaker by learning Stand Up Comedy

Escape from Mystery Island (Dinner Game)
Hilarious, interactive dinner game for teams!

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Zara & Troy