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Scott Williams

Whether you require a comedian with a clean, fresh and razor sharp style, a keynote speaker who can deliver a vital and timely message on the proven link between humour and better health (stress minimization) or a Master of Ceremonies who can keep your event on track and on time while ensuring the audience remains engaged and entertained- then the person that should be front of mind in your decision making process is ‘The Doctor’ Scott Williams – Australia’s Laughter Specialist!

Scott has remained in the top tier of Australia’s corporate speakers for over twenty years. Client feedback for Scott regularly contains words such as ‘brilliant’, ‘topical’ , ‘intelligent’ and ‘hugely entertaining’! Take your event to a whole new level by including this multi talented speaker on the program.

For maximum impact why not have Scott fill the role of MC and keynote presenter! A double treat!

Previous clients

Scott’s Previous clients include many of the world’s most successful companies.BP Oil, Citibank, McDonalds, IBM, Volvo, Qantas, ANZ , Starwood Group, Bank of Queensland, Foodstuffs NZ, Australian Medical Association, Bayer, Tricon and many more. 

SME’s also play an important part in Scott’s work schedule. Whether you have an small meeting with 10 delegates or a conference of 1000, Scott will ensure he brings his ‘A’ game to the event! The impact Scott has on an audience can be seen in the fact that not only is he often booked year after year for the same event, companies have gone so far as to change the date of their event simply to ensure Scott’s availability. 

The Doctor is truly unique in the Australian market.

Full Biography

Affectionately known as The Doctor Scott is a naturally funny comedian. He delivers a richblend of clean, smart comedy and hilarious audience participation at a time when we all need to laugh more! He is also a world class emcee and keynote presenter with an enviable reputation that makes him one of the most sought after and versatile presenters on the Australian corporate circuit. His popularity can be seen in client feedback where words such as ‘Brilliant’, ‘Topical’, ‘Intelligent’, ‘Intoxicating’, and ‘Hugely entertaining’ are often used.

In the past twenty years hundreds of companies and thousands of people have witnessed Scott’s comic genius live. In his corporate comedy Scott brings into focus our modern world and with clever humour and vivid imagery shows us how we can find the bright side of life in almost every situation. Ultimately Scott reminds us that ‘we are only human’ after all!

Scott’s extraordinary ability to connect with an audience allows him to execute the role of master of ceremonies with effortless ease. Whether it is a gala dinner or an international incentive program Scott always brings his ‘A’ game – bringing a life and vitality to an event that cannot be duplicated. Proof of this not only comes from Scott’s long list of loyal clients but also from his peers.

Economics speaker Phil Ruthvin has been quoted as saying “Scott has to be one of the smartest, most professional, quick-witted and humourous emcee’s I have had the pleasure of working with”. International Lifestyle coach Matt Church has also been quoted as saying: “Scott is in my mind Australia’s number one professional emcee. His value and commitment to an event is unparalleled. I love what he does and how he goes aboutdoing it.”

Scott’s talent also shines in the all important keynote / motivational presenter category. His thought provoking and highly entertaining keynote “BUSINESS Fun! damentals” receives rave reviews from all business channels. The presentation explores in detail the proven link between humour and better health. It’s back to the basics of what makes us truly happy and over the hour there are many ‘lightbulb’ moments Scott’s audience experiences.

“BUSINESS Fun! damentals” is a truly unique keynote that delivers a vital and timely message for all of us. Scott’s constant reinvention has kept him at the top of the ‘must have’ list of presenters and whether it’s a comedian you need, an emcee, a keynote presenter or all of the above – ‘The Doctor‘ Scott Williams is ready to assist you in taking your event to another level.


The Happy Human - Rediscover, reaffirm and reignite the laughter side of your life!

This unique presentation explores the proven link between humour and better health and discusses the practical steps we need to take in order to create our own daily laughter plan!

The presentation also considers how we can convert some of the negative energy that impacts our daily lives into positive pressure that can propel us forward. It is a journey into laughter and the most fun you can have while learning! We are all only human after all, and we all need to laugh.

The Show - Clean, fresh, hilariously funny!

Scott has a natural ability when it comes to delivering comedy.

His stand up can be best described as observational comedy covering a wide range of subjects that every audience can relate to. The show is all about having fun with no profanity.


Scott is regarded as on of the best emcee/ facilitators available in the corporate world.

His ability to make an event run smoothly and on time, coupled with his sharp and entertaining wit makes Scott one of the most in demand speakers in the world of facilitation.

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Scott Williams