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Nic Feteris

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Performance engagement, Motivation, Inspiration
Nic Feteris
Nic Feteris helps teams make big jumps, to the next level, to something new, or just forward.

His credentials include parachuting from great heights: from mountains, the first time before he had heard the term base-jump; from buildings, like the former World Trade Centre in New York; from monuments, like the Statue of Liberty; from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for a Mission Impossible film; and from a balloon flying at 36,600 feet.

A career highlight was producing a documentary about making “the world’s highest base-jump”. In 2004 National Geographic rated footage of that jump, from the 20,600-foot Great Trango Towers in Pakistan, their most “amazing moment” on film.

Nic’s professional background is advertising. He held positions ranging from Sales Executive to Publisher for major media. In 1990 he established a media agency that is still active operating an online ad network.

Nic speaks about how base-jumpers, mountaineers, sea kayakers and other extreme adventurers think; why they do what they do, how they make it responsible, and how anyone can launch into new territory using the same approach.


You manage people who must expose themselves to succeed. Whether they’re salespeople facing rejection to make sales, or investment managers risking losses to make a profit, you need them to unambiguously respect compliance and follow the rules, on the one hand, while pushing limits to reach performance targets on the other.

Risk management

It works best when it is part of part culture. The problem is, to professional risk takers risk management can get in the way and to everyone else it can be just plain boring. Use Nic to get risk management on the agenda at your annual conference. He’ll make managing risk about performance as much as protection. And he’ll make it exciting.

Business development

Salespeople go on an emotional expedition every day. They are explorers. In organisations everywhere their capacity for using courage to succeed is an unarticulated secret. Nic tells them what they always knew about themselves but have never heard expressed before. He leaves them raring for adventure.


No organisation can provide a risk-free work environment. Not just because it is a nonsensical concept but also because equipment, processes and training are only tools. Safety is a product of people exercising judgment and doing the right thing. Following the rules does not get anyone off the hook when it comes to making work safe.


How do you make a base-jump? The same way you do anything that’s a stretch: muster the courage to stick yourself out there, then use expertise and judgment to manage your exposure. Nic can tell you how base-jumpers and other extreme adventurers think in ways that helps to muster courage and manage risk.

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Nic Feteris