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Exercise Science, Health & Wellness, Fitness Facilitation, Healthy Lifestyle
Martha Lourey-Bird
With her Masters degree, Martha is a qualified exercise scientist, university lecturer, scientific adviser, fitness editor, health and wellness presenter, published author and proud mum to her very own fit kids.  

Martha was a Lecturer in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, for over 15years. She has personally taught over 20,000 University students and was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2010.

She has been responsible for the development and delivery of inspiring health, fitness, food, wellness and positive mindset programs globally, for the likes of UNSW, Weight Watchers International, HF Industries, Fitness First, Bupa, Bauer Media, Good Health, Body & Soul, The Telegraph, ABC Radio, Today, and many more! 

As a 6-foot tall athlete, she was involved in the fitness industry for two decades as a leading instructor trainer, a recipient of the state’s Fitness Leader of the Year award, presenter at countless conferences and previous owner of her own personal training company - training celebrities, politicians, musicians, fashion designers, mums and dads.

Today, with a special interest in health & wellness, she leads by example and continues to passionately practise what she preaches in her own everyday life, even while balancing the demands of a busy work schedule and family life as a wife and mother to her own very active family! 

Her career has taken her around the world, including a three-year contract in London, UK as Training Director of SHAPE Fitness Education and representing Weight Watchers ANZ in NYC, USA. She has presented health & fitness advice in over 12 different countries but now, residing on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she shares this regularly on radio, television, print and social media.

She passionately believes that exercise is for “every body" and her positive, personal and practical approach is captured in her book Exercise and the F word... FUN!

Martha is very passionate about helping people achieve better health and wellness, no matter what their lifestyle is. She has worked internationally as an exercise scientist; she is a published author and inspiring speaker.

If your workplace or teammates feel like they need a check-up on their health and wellbeing, or better work-life-health balance, then Martha is the perfect pulse-check. Armed with an abundance of practical tips, scientific research, and a real passion for helping people find more balance in their life – she motivates audiences to take charge of their health and their lifestyles. You will feel rejuvenated, motivated and empowered after hearing from Martha.

Key Topics

  • Work-Life Balance: Facts vs Fiction
  • Workplace Wellness: Practical & Personalised  
  • Exercise: The Good Medicine
  • Energy Management: Taking Ownership
  • Exercise & the F word... Fun!
  • Healthy & Wealthy: Practical Possibilities   

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Martha Lourey-Bird