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Malcolm McLeod
Malcolm McLeod – aka ‘The Handwriting Guy’. THE Conference MC, Energizer
& Ice Breaker King, Outdoor Team Building Guru, Expert Business and
Team Keynote Speaker. Engaging, Professional and Unforgettable!

With his unique blend of background experiences Malcolm learnt to
deal with the most demanding of groups with elegance and potent
effectiveness. A former policeman, counselor in a therapeutic community
for maximum-security inmates, tennis coach, activities manager for 5
star resorts and a speaker / facilitator / presenter for over 20 years,
Malcolm is in constant demand, worldwide.

Specialising in Team Building, his presentations will lead your
people to get to know each other deeper and work better, together, as
one team. Malcolm’s style is humorous, interactive and at times, in your
face productively raucous.

Many years ago Malcolm was in the police force and then worked as a
counselor at Long Bay Gaol where he sharpened his communication skills
via facilitating group therapy sessions for maximum-security inmates.
This sparked his interest in group facilitation, self-development and
the unconscious drivers that can drive people, teams and companies to
success or disaster. After leaving prison, Malcolm worked for 6 years on
Hayman Island as the activities manager and tennis coach (tough gig!)
Here he blended fun activities & group therapy with a 5 star service
attitude. From this mix he created special programmes designed for
conference groups.

These interests evolved over 20 years into the suite of programmes Malcolm produces and presents.

Speaking Topics

Session Aims:

“Sign Up and Commit….. Making your Mark in Business, Relationships and Life.”
  • Humorously and challengingly, to increase participant’s motivation,
    clarity skills that leads to higher productive performance levels, with
    less resistance from life and business demands.
  • Energize and humanize the interactions of the group, so that wisdom of the group can be mined deeper.
  • Give the audience a greater understanding of how consciously and
    unconsciously you represent yourself to the world that can enhance or
    inhibit your success opportunities.

Session Objectives:

“When patterns are broken new worlds emerge”
  • To challenge & break some patterns of thought words and actions that may be limiting participants best from being realized.
  • To give participants awareness on how different we all are.
  • To point out that team diversity is powerful, only when team members
    are clear on and committed to the company vision and kept initiatives
  • Give strategies on how to get on with people who aren’t like you.
  • Create an awareness of where & how participants give away their power & how to reclaim it.
  • How to achieve anything!
  • Power of the network, collecting, learning and acting on the wisdom of the group.

Session Outline:

  • How commitments and attitudes impact outcomes “Life belongs to the energetic & low energy attracts low energy events”
  • SigNature…Sign of Your Nature – Your handwriting & signature analysis, a metaphor for your performance in life/business.
  • ‘Answer your questions, and question your answers, sometimes it is
    what you think you know that stops you from learning, doing and
    achieving more.
  • Where you give away your power. Proactive or reactive, when you whinge or complain you make a victim of yourself.
  • Power of indifference, the power of trust, the power of clarity/commitment
  • Improving your relationships & your bottom line…’Up to 50% of
    each workday is wasted, lost, gone because of mistrust/distrust’ (Deming
    Institute of USA)

Session Highlights:

  • Building trust getting to know each other deeper, in a fun, safe, way.
  • Diversity friend or foe?
  • Conflict as a positive … power of ‘playing nice’.
  • Committing to team over personal agendas.
  • Energy and results … put your heart into it!
  • Accountability … you owning and ‘being’ the difference that makes the difference.

Other Keynote Topics & Workshops:

  • Understanding yourself & others
  • “1-Team” Team-Building
  • Getting the BEST out of Tough Times

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