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Performance engagement, Innovation / Creativity, Communication, Change, Relationships, Business Growth, Sales/Customer Service, Workshop Facilitators
Darryl Blake

Darryl is an international speaker, business consultant and best selling author, who focuses on challenging individuals to be the best they can be!

Secrets of High Achievers – using your whole brain for success

Want to break through old ways of thinking, or change attitudes in the workplace?  By mastering the principles of self-image psychology participants learn how to break limiting beliefs and set new empowering patterns of behaviour.  Salespeople learn how to be at their best – everyday!

In this challenging and mind opening workshop, motivational speaker Darryl Blake incorporates the best ideas from psychology, NLP, and his experience as a clinical hypnotist as he explains to participants how to take control of their whole brain, designing the life and results they really want.


  • How your belief systems work – and how to reset them for success
  • How to put your unconscious mind to work
  • How to break the barriers to effective performance
  • How to break limiting habits and set new empowering patterns of behaviour

For over 15 years, he has researched the success strategies of businesses and individuals, working with clients in Australia, North America, the U.K., and across the Asia Pacific region.

Author of the best selling Australian title ‘Skroo the Rules’ explaining the model behind Flight Centre Limited’s rapid growth and sustained Employer of Choice culture, Darryl’s personal studies and qualifications include

  • Psychology,
  • NLP,
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy,
  • and Fellow of Learning & Development with the I.M.C./Revans University, based in the United Kingdom.

Join Darryl in an interactive journey into the success strategies of high achieving individuals, learning how to put your whole brain to work for superior performance.

Acclaimed success strategist Darryl Blake is a bestselling author, conference speaker and consultant.  For over 15 years, Darryl has researched the success strategies of businesses and individuals, and delivered their ‘keys to success’ in conferences across Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Hungary.

Darryl combines experience in several strategic business roles over the last 15 years with extensive experience and qualifications in various fields of human behaviour and learning – his studies/qualifications include Psychology, NLP, Clinical Hypnosis, MBTI, HBDI, TMS, as well as recognition as a Fellow of the International Management Centres (FIMC) based in the U.K.

Darryl is also author of the best seller ‘Skroo The Rules – the Flight Centre Story’ based on extensive interviews with long time client and one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, co-founder and CEO of Flight Centre Ltd.  The book explains the business model behind the global phenomenon that employs over 12,000 people, and that has defied the odds to become one of the world’s leading travel businesses.

If you like energy, humour, spontaneity, and simple-to-implement strategies that you can use at once, then Darryl is for you. He will entertain you with a natural humour and a relevant message that consistently engages his audiences. Darryl does not do a “one-way” keynote address, he creates an interactive experience.

Speaker Topics

  • Power of Belief ... using self image psychology of success
  • The Art of Unconscious Influence and Persuasion
  • Cracking the Personality Code ... understanding and valuing difference
  • Leadership Mastery ... creating motivated teams

Client Reviews

Your presentation and workshops are always carefully weighted with a mixture of thought provoking concepts, practical workshops and participative activities.

Australia Post

Darryl's probing mind and friendly nature quickly developed a rapport with each individual ... inviting a more conducive environment for the further development of our team ... At the end of the day, we had achieved a sense of real team spirit. This team spirit is still exhibited throughout each working day and contributes to a more effective team environment.

Queensland Transport

The feedback we have received from our workshop attendees and conference delegates has been consistently excellent, with emphasis placed on their motivation to implement skills and knowledge. Darryl has consistently been the most popular conference or motivational speaker that we have seen in years.

Flight Centre

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Darryl Blake