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Amanda Stevens

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Marketing to the Majority, "who really controls the purse strings?"
Amanda Stevens

Peering into the future and getting a glimpse of the consumer of tomorrow is something that can give any organisation a serious competitive edge.

Drawing on the latest neurological, demographic and consumer trends, Amanda paints a vivid and captivating picture for her audience of consumers and what will impact their behaviour in a changing times.

With the simple framework of gender, Amanda reveals how men and women shop, purchase and form brand loyalty differently and how brands that market to the majority are able to grow in turbulent times.

Whether you’re selling hardware or homewares, travel or telecommunications, cars or computers — in fact any product or service, this presentation will arm you with unique insights and an incredible toolbox of sales and marketing ideas to get more customers buying more products and services from you more often.

More about Amanda

Amanda Stevens is a vibrant, energetic and humourous speaker and a renowned specialist in sales, marketing and customer service – with a twist. She incorporates powerful research, insights and data, infused with relationship anecdotes and current social commentary.

The result is a unique perspective that packs a punch in content and take-away strategies and also delivers serious entertainment value.

Amanda has been described as ‘a pocket rocket’, ‘a breath of fresh air’ , ‘a whirlwind of ideas’ and ‘worth attending the conference for.’ Her comedic approach enables her messages to resonate and elicit action.

She averages 80 presentations a year and is able to customise her message to suit any audience and any idustry in a way that’s relevant, current and memorable.

With five keynote topics and five workshop options, you can mix and match to suit your theme and objectives.

Workshop options

These are workshop topics, designed to be optional mix & match add-ons to keynotes.They are all highly interactive and can run for anything from an hour to a full day

The Experience Economy

Navigating the New Path to Brand Loyalty

This workshop explores the nuts and bolts of why consumers are still seeking an experience – either online or offline – and how to create one that’s worthy of conversations that build brand loyalty.


Building Brand Advocates Click by Click

Digital and social media are changing the way consumers of all generations exchange information about brands, products and services. This workshop teaches practical strategeis for brands to move conversaions online and how to create online advocacy.

Perfect Presentation for Same, Same - But Different

Gender-Targeting your Sales & Marketing

This workshop explores the impact of sales and marketing on different generations — how the needs, motivations and priorities of consumers differ at different life stages and how to tailor marketing messages accordingly.

Fifty Shades of Grey

The Emerging Boomer Sales Opportunity

The last few decades have seen the number of Australians over 50 swell by more than 70%, while the number of people under the age of 50 is in decline. This workshop explores more than the numbers – it outlines key social trends impacting behaviour and how brands can exploit what is widely regarded as an untapped market.


How to Have it All Without Losing it

Specifically designed for female entrepreneurs and business owners, this workshop covers goal setting, business building and life strategies for women who want to find their inner super hero and create the life they truly deserve.


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Amanda Stevens